by Dani Lee Pearce

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richardvsmarty Candy Necklaces is a cute little song and it's my background theme. Favorite track: Candy Necklaces.
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Nineroe9 A brilliant, magical story and beautiful instrumentation make a really wonderful album :) Favorite track: Monsters and Rainclouds.
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A concept album about Star-Gods, magical beings and evil fakes, and the journeys of various characters depicting a variety of interpretations of this thing called Purity, both false and true, and how Disarray entangles with it.
At over twice the length of my previous album, it's my longest and most elaborate project so far.

=Story, for Lyrical Context=

[Stave I]

Aurora and Borealis, a pair of star crossed and star composed lovers and Goddexxes of Starskin, tire of creating worlds that they so finely prune on, like a pair of well learned shoemakers of advanced age, yet seem to always fall into complete disarray. Determined to fulfill their eternal ambitions of a flawless realm which can remain unstraightened by the limits of one dominant path, untainted by the darkest hazes that have come to cloud all the worlds of before, and remain reserved only for those whose Purity remains at their core, and those who know how to find it, Aurora takes great care, patience and detail into Xzir next project("...and the leaves that fell that day there").

These Words are described("Purity and Disarray") as follows:

"Purity: not all encompassing, perhaps not immediately recognized, but the core presides within, and is the compass of all action to its bearer. There are those who exist who believe in and try to achieve purity as a fluid becoming, while not ever having pureness at their core. Masqueraders, as they are known amongst Starskins, are certainly not welcome in Aurora's backyard, but Xze finds great amusement in watching them try."

"Disarray: That which is too perfect and/or removed from its natural path. It can turn a world jagged and tight, locking in on itself and ultamitely suffocating to its end. Xze created them in the image of autonomy and looseness, growth that explores all possibilities and directions and refuses to confine to the teachings of a single voice, becoming also of refined knowledge of the paths certainly not befitting of tread. With Xzir latest creation, Xze aims to finally fulfill this."

"Masqueraders in Disarray are the sorts of mortal beings that none should cross paths with, even other Masqueraders in Disarray like to make unusual trends out of avoiding them; Aurora and Borealis find this to be especially amusing."

Masqueraders are no strangers to Starskin worlds. One individual, known as the Sand Girl, is caught in the midst of some recent mischief("Masquaders") and by making her getaway with assistance from the Wind("I Am The Sand Girl") becomes one of the early entrants into Aurora's Creation, finding security under the shade of an old tree, which they name, and are subsequently taken in as family("This Tree"). YESSAND The Masquerader King, who attempts to catch them as they flee, becomes adrift in the cosmos and dissolves into black matter, which is a relatively common occurrance; the new YESSAND is immediately chosen thereafter as if he never died.

[Stave II]

Some distance away, a strange light emanates from a densely covered place, coming from the sacred emblem preserved and protected by another dwelling within Aurora's Creation(" new rain..."/"The Ember Leaf"), the last remnant of a race that had otherwise completely perished under Masquerading forces("The Lone Survivor") whose entrance to this world came about via their conversion to a carnal desire of building in the face of complete destruction. An 800 year old, 800 foot high wall built from the elements around them surrounds an area that the survivor has deemed to protect, with themselves and The Ember Leaf being all that is left of their civilization. The unusual behavior of the Ember Leaf leads them to believe that unforeseen developments are taking place beyond their vision ("Over My Wall") and that there may be a sense of strength and hope that they had always believed in but never actually saw for themselves.

In a distant world populated by mortals long forgotten by Starskin, disarray has been allowed to become overgrown and rampant, with Masqueraders having taken a firm hold and infected all those upon it. Such is its corruption that its target becomes that of a defenseless mortal child, one whom Masquerader Idealogy does not yet penetrate, but whom is born in circumstances that is dictated to be outside of this world's chosen path, and thus is chosen unjustly to be removed from its fold. The child's being is by this point the one thing in their world that remains organic and unstraight, the one vessel withstanding the Masquerader's onslaught, and as such, is still pure at their core. An outside force, independant of Aurora, Borealis or the Creation, decides to take immediate action, and taking the form of the mixteress Berenices, lets Xcer hair down which takes up and sweeps the child far and away on a travelling star ("From Young Unknowing Eyes"). Aurora watch as, spectacularly, the child pierces the border and makes it into Creation, the first mortal being to do so. As they look back to the distant planet, their memory of which having been jogged, they witness it miraculously recovering from its disarray and reforming anew, closer to their original vision. They watch this through the eyes of a young couple, who are also pure, as they age together in the first years of the world's New Age("Down in Evergreene")

From Far away, the Lone Survivor is heard rejoicing.

[Stave III]

Eventually, the child comes to, finding themselves upon a high cliff, overlooking the most peaceful landscape they had ever witnessed with their own eyes. On an opposite cliff, they witness, sitting between two guards, an elder dying a beautiful death("The Hill of Mist"/"Where the Ashes Go"). They are given the sensation that they should not be here...not yet... and climb down hastily. The air is unusual and sweet, it is made clear the abundance of magic in this new place.

The child builds themselves a settlement among the ferns and diamond vines where they sleep, and for the first few creation days the child is nervous, frightened and sad, being so quickly torn away from all that was familiar to them. This changes when they happen at one point to stumble upon the grave of their birth-giver that they never knew but always talked to, roses, gems, trinkets and all, to have made the full trip alongside them, in the same location that they would have been on the old world, now completely surrounded by that which the child found infinitely more peaceful, strangely serene. The child never knew this feeling until their arrival. They felt less alone and sad following this, and resumed their practice of visiting their birth-givers resting place daily ("I Hope It Doesn't Rain When I see You Today") while becoming progressively more marveled at the intricate, hand carved beauty of the creation around them.

On a particular creation day, they wander into a plain populated by tall, silver trees, and are met by the trees' guardian making a spectacular appearance ("Silver Tree's Mixteress"). Seeing the child looking anxious and overwhelmed, Ie gently and softly greets the child, and conjures up some lighter magic to relax and entertain them ("Candy Necklaces"/"Twig Parade") which seems to work wonderfully. Ie tells the child of the great courage they have showed, and the great spectacle it was to watch them travel here, how many things await them where they now reside, and all those who are proud of them. They walk together through Creation, listening to various magic voices and ruminations that are heard throughout("Lute-Bird Calls"), Ie thinking of someone the child might enjoy. They arrive at the Woods of June, where within resides The Moss Angel Witch, a wise, well-traveled and tender-hearted Creation resident who has woven many tales, crafted many legends, spun many yarns and is well known to many Starskins. Greeting the child with a soft kiss on the cheek, she begins to tell her stories to the child, who according to legend, is still with her, listening intently("Monsters and Rainclouds"). The Day fades out, the child falls fast asleep on her lap("Cast Your Sleep Spell") and it is here that we leave them.


released November 8, 2016

Concept all songs written by Dani Lee Pearce, except "Lute-Bird Calls", about two lines of "Masqueraders" and the name YESSAND, respectively co-written and contributed by Jade Eklund.

All music written, arranged, composed, produced and mixed, all vocals sung, and all artwork and design by by Dani Lee Pearce.

Music Composed between July - October 2016 in various places

"Masqueraders"(second half) composed in September-October 2015
"From Young Unknowing Eyes" composed in April 2016
"Down in Evergreene" composed in September 2015 and vocals recorded in April 2016
"I Hope It Doesn't Rain When I See You Today" composed in May 2016
"Silver Tree's Mixtress" composed in April-May 2016
"Candy Necklaces" composed in March 2014
"Twig Parade" composed in September 2015
"Lute Bird Calls" first composed in May 2015
"Monsters and Rainclouds" composed June 2016
"Cast Your Sleep Spell" composed April-May 2016

Vocals recorded October 5- 20 and November 2, 2016 at The Quiet Room



all rights reserved


Dani Lee Pearce Portland, Oregon

Dani Lee Pearce is a nonbinary trans grrl musician/producer who is also a fairy kitten, Sand Girl, and Owl-Moth, who harnesses sound like drifting daydreams and nightmares in a butterfly net and has long, intimate conversations with it, about all manner of things. ... more

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Track Name: ...and the leaves that fell that day there.
Aurora paints from Xzir hand
and webbing by its soft and gentle strands
a place far beyond a mortal touch
where only other Goddexxes of Starskin know such
untainted by the darkest haze
that Xzir partner Borealis throws in reverence of the moon days
clouding all from view
that which only grew in Disarray

All that could not grow on other worlds grows here
and none not Pure dare enter in its precious sphere
all the roots beneath its starry grass and crust
knows that of which is coming and among what it will trust
and all its rain desists and its clusters scatter elsewhere
leaving just the Petrichor
and the leaves that fell that day there.
Track Name: Masqueraders
[Scene: On a nearby Starskin system, a worn Starskin Musician has just begun a commission, when, only 4 bars in, {Masquerader #1} who is watching him declares it complete, playing it repetitively]

=Masquerader #1=:

Yes my brilliance SHINES through you
in such a lovely and curvacious tune!
Let all systems play it loud and bold!
I think this records made of gold!

It's perfect length and perfect structure
the just-right chords of just-right rapture!
And it's Mine, my own creation
took mere minutes of inspiration ye?

[Enter {Masquerader #2}}

=Masquerader #2=:

Oi hav returned from the big conference
wif moi Sevunty-Sevun Odda Friends
Wif moah gray cubes indeed wew'l poaint
a landscape WOHthy of a Soaint!

And the lahst few bends be straigh'n'd aowt
as a braive new eara comes arownd
Oi heah owr song you've wrote just now
Le's hear it! Lay that naedle down John

=Musician(under zis breath, writing a letter to zimself)=:

Just like them to fail to realize
all their hard work is actually mine
they hired me, I wrote this verse
I hadn't even finished first
but for bars seems to be all they can
read into, with any curse
I've had enough pain for one day
I'm turning in

a worn Starskin musician, in the face of a place I find that my endurance wears quite thin...

=Masquerader #3(upon finding and reading the discarded note)=:

Is that the way songsmith's behave?!
A bleedin' life that holds no shave?
With words that spin the weakest web;
all pompous flow with lack of ebb??

[Enter YESSAND, very bomastically...]


I am YESSAND, The Masquerader King!

=Masquerader #4=:

*I* am YESSAND, The Masquerader King!!

=Masquerader Chorus=:

(Variations of "No I am!", "I am!", "I am YESSAND!" before one final "We ALL are YESSAND")

=YESSAND(with full grace of arrogance)=:

I just returned from myself
don't quite remember where I've gone
But all that matters little here!
You all should witness what I've picked up!!

=Masquerader #1=:

Is that the Sand Girl there
so sifting in your mighty hand?


That's not even her; her whole self
But for all we know, she's all right here!
She calls herself a mighty being
worthy of the smoke and altar
but is she YES to SAND like I am
for I have YESSAND for the taking!
How can we be even sure she's the SAND she likes to say to be??
I've heard she was born MUD, but never Purer than me!!!!


[The Masqueraders erupt into chanting "NO-SAND" repeatedly in a taunting manner, laughing wildly]

I took it upon myself to wear
that crown that was a mouth
whoso pulleth off the old man's head
be with royalty betrothed!
I have written into law
that I no longer wear this mask
it is my face
I am deserving of this place
I earned my way to this space
[To Sand Girl]
and what of your domain in which
daily are you trampled as is proper
whether sand or mud
all those with feet need proper lockers
proper prints in which to mold
bitter storms to feel this cold
that swarms us all
but gives us warmth in its good HONESTY!!

[The Wind appears, and the Sand Girl is taken up in it]

YES, Feel that Wind against your grain!!
Watch it sweep your useless self away!!
All you deserve in life, NO-SAND,
A husk of NOTHING!!


Little does old YESSAND know
that Wind and Sand share love of old
for if the Wind took physic form
within the Sand she would adorn

A pact they made should this time ever come
for the Wind to take her out above
this wall-eyed vision
dare I say, a well-deserved transition.....

Masquerader Chorus + YESSAND(attempting to chase them down, realizing the getaway):

Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!
She's heading onwards towards Creation!
Never make it...
Never make it...
Aah! Aah! Aaaah!
Let's say it's all part of the exploitation!
Never make it...

[YESSAND breaks through the atmosphere but does not survive, The Sand Girl continues on, escape successful, towards Creation, where she enters, and becomes it's beaches...]
Track Name: I Am The Sand Girl
So have you finished yet?
you couldn't know where you stand between me and my land, I’ll bet.
I make the seafloor my face
and trace the lines that go around your segregated lands
no man is an island

I squeeze right through the fingers of
your silly colored tongues
as your crushed between the thighs of dollars
you deem golden as the faiths you’ve rung

and you say you’ve read all the books
you’ve heard the stories, questioned the scholars
and you went off looking for the Green Man
but all you found was me.

Yet you do not worship me...
Am I not worth worshipping?

For as all of us should be and always
for if not for us, what would your world be?

I see that YESSAND's slipped away
but will he stay behind me long
I doubt he'll last much further than
his own self-owned song

Cry your tears of confetti into
the mouths of your crustaceans
buried deep within
my sprawling skin
in rolling constellations

I estimate you’ll appropriate
all the ways in which you’ll die

art in motion
lying rest
deep within my nests

and you justify your boundless rage
by the lives you’ve lived in someone else’s cage
and you search for your words in your holy book
but find that I’m on every page

Yet you do not worship me...
Am I not worth worshipping?

For as all of us should be and always
for if not for us, what would your world be?

So long now, got to go, I’m off to find a family
I’ve had enough of this old rock anyway
Track Name: This Tree
I gave a name to This Tree
and now she protects me.

Shields me with her branches
and hugs me if I need one
she tells all of It's animal friends
I'm a safe one
I'd never hurt anyone

when He chases me I run to her
and he gets lost
and dies trying to find me
It's the magic of my sisters, says the Tree to me
you're safe here
we love you
we want you to be free
like we are

She knows just what I need
when I see her
she knows just how long to wait
for me

She prepares me a soft bed
with a glass of honey tea
and she tells me stories
and cradles me in my sleep

She told me once
she has many names
of many a child of old
all were hurt where her roots could feel
they were like me
so alone and cold
she says she wish all children had a tree or two
it's a pity their humans can't
learn to love them true

I gave a name to This Tree
and now she protects me.
Track Name: Over My Wall
Something is happening over my wall
I never thought something could happen at all
for 800 years have I watched over this wall
and 800 years it took me to build it

Started with one little pebble
then two
then five
some downed sticks, leaves, moss, pine needles, tree sap, bits of tree bark on the ground
It starts as a little mound,
then two,
then a somewhat larger mound,
then 8 somewhat larger mounds.

I'm building something and that's all that matters now
At first, I'm only doing it for one day.
Then two.
A week. A fortnight. A month. A year.
Then two,
Then five.
I began building. And I can't stop.
How can I do anything else.
Nothing can replace this feeling.
Nothing compares to the feeling of creation
when fire was your eyes
for longer than you could ever
ever expected it to be
I figured it would all be over in a day.
But then it lasted two.
Then five.

Something's happening out over my wall
I feel......someone
then two.
then five.
can it be....
We're we as strong
as I always believed?
Track Name: From Young Unknowing Eyes
Nobody has looked
this general direction
for quite a lengthy time now
but I can't blame them
so many creations
made of many voices
even immortal beings
can leave some unheard
I'm just an old star
but I have kept an eye on
this system that lays close to me
I've watched it go on

There has been some big affair
thick metal clouds the air
the world looks lost from out here
though...if my vision isn't going...
amidst the thicker snowing
there's one Thread
holding out yet

Under reddened skies
there emits a stream of small cries
from Young Unknowing Eyes
seeing their world stare back
know not what they see, but
sense a bitter feeling
enough to keep their brave feet
running reeling

and it's here that I sense
a need to step in
why leave lost such so young and precious?
You there!
I let down for you my hair
now let me take you
somewhere that shall
suit you better!
Track Name: Down In Evergreene
They were 16 and 17
looking for a world they had yet to see
Down in Evergreene

and it burned so blue
and it burned so high
from their view they saw many things in flight

and the ashes did turn to snow
falling down upon the little red noses
of Evergreene

I found you there
in the darkened square
and your tear-soaked eyes beneath your rosy red hair

(Make haste now through this land of doom, every tree-house on the hills of Evergreene will lend us a room)

From the treetops we looked around
nothing left but gentle chiming sounds
from Evergreene

we cascaded down through the amethyst parsley

Seeing others that made it here
finding that their lives were now devoid of fear
down in Evergreene

for the first time, all
did feel so free
finding sides of themselves that they never had seen

(Hold my hand it will be alright soon, look how close we've come to the crescent moon...)

Now they're 20 and 21
and what different children they have become
Down in Evergreene

looking different ways
apart from one
after all this, sharing the same red sun

and they part ways forevermore
one will stay and one will begin exploring
what was left of things

and they'll see through to brand new ways of life
sung about by their ancestors of many yesternights

(And all those that we love so dear
are safe now after so many years
and together again.)
Track Name: The Hill of Mist
Ae who bore the blue flame asked of them,
What do you wish for your destruction?

And they said,
Upon the Hill of Mist.

a sacred place,
where it is said the sweet kiss of death
is the sweetest in all of this world.

It bears an unparelleled serenity,
No one not of sentance or terminal condition dare enter it.
It is the resting place for so many here.
Even if one were to choose a different destruction method,
it would not differ too much, death by excruciation is not believed in.
It is of high honor to be able to die specifically here.

When brought to the Hill of Mist,
you will find yourself upon a flat
surface among the hill's highest points.
A small creek circles the stone around you,
and trails down off the edge in a series of miniature waterfalls.

Your view out is among the most gorgeous
to be found anywhere.
A perfect arrangement
of waterfalls and trees in a
formation that allows the sun
to reflect off of the water at any angle,
allowing for many combinations of
colored light to appear within the surrounding area.

You sit and meditate.
Your guards sit and meditate with you.
You are not allowed to eat or drink,
as since you are sentenced,
you will starve here in this place.
But that hardly matters.
The concentration of the air is unique,
you don't feel a thing
no matter how long time goes by.
And as it is, there is much to
enjoy about this present moment.

For at long last you are able
to achieve perfect outer peace,
providing the perfect backdrop
to fulfill it within you also.
As the days and the nights pass,
you're breathing slower,
Perfectly undisturbed.
Only the sound of trickling water.
Not a single word exchanged.
The guards breathe so quietly
you forget they are on either
side of you, sharing the experience,
but with the privilege of
leaving afterward.
Their armor protects them from
the air toxins that slowly tear away,
very gently,
with the texture of a cat's tongue,
at your skin,
turning it to pollen.
then cherry blossom petals.
pieces of acorn.
bits of pine cone.

just before you pass,
skin removes in the form of flowers.
With the help of the smallest slight of wind,
appearing at just the right time.
If you’re lucky,
you may be able to catch
a brief glance
of your own bones,
as clear and bright
and soft as silk,
before your sight becomes
a pair of dandelions,
its white haired seeds
carried off into the
dark green forest beyond.
You pass.
You are now peace itself,
the concept,
the symbol,
the dream,
the myth,
the world of.

As your remains
turn to aura dust,
the guards come to,
and they sweep them into
a small red jeweled case,
and place it in the center
of the stone where you once laid.

It will be gone mysteriously the next morning.
Track Name: I Hope It Doesn't Rain When I See You Today
I hope it doesn't rain when I see you today
is there a sun around that has something to say
everything has changed so suddenly
yet I find you under what looks like that same old tree
in the same old place I'd find you back home
where I'd go on grey mornings to see you alone
still am learning what the morning's like here
at least I'm not lonely with you again near

All the gems and roses and trinkets of tin
still on your stone bedrest where you lie within
I am told you're sleeping, are you almost awake?
I hope you read my letters and enjoyed the last slice of my last birthday cake
and the drawings I've made
of what I hope you look like
when you're awake
are you scared like I am
of where we've come to stay?
I don't think you would be cause
you've never run away

I wish that I could see you
smile once at me
hug me very tight and say
how much you love me
I believe you think it
as you lay resting
that's what a mother would
always be doing, I think.
Track Name: Monsters and Rainclouds
I'm on a trip through the teeth of a dragon
I started praying to the desert that ate me
rode the cloud of darkness that missed my planet
living in the jewel on Aurora's necklace
something for sure has happened to my core
but I don’t know where it’s gone, gone, gone

there were the monsters and me
and the way they talked to the monsters in me

I experienced a dissonance
that made a spider's nest became my eyes
from when I stopped the moon and the stars from turning
to see if i could reach the other side
and when I stopped all the people from breathing
so I could capture that moment in time, time, time

It should occur to me soon
to let the natural order of these things resume

There came a monster to hold this rain cloud
letting all it's lightning strike
showers fall
hail fall
it did it all

They would cry together
they held each other close
they would softly say they were okay
and they would try to believe it
maybe they were dead or not all there at that moment

maybe they saw what their sisters became;
their screams coursed through my veins.